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Author: DA

Aquaman Interview

  For a decade and a half, the closest comic book fans got to an Aquaman movie was the fictional Vincent Chase starring in one on HBO’s comedy Entourage. Then Warner Brothers announced a real Aquaman movie, but first they’d get to meet Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) in Batman v Superman and Justice League. In...

Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

  Wreck It Ralph created both a new Disney franchise and a new video game hero. The tie-in game Fix It Felix, JR, of which Ralph was the Donkey Kong to Felix’s Mario, was a retro treat too. For the sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Wreck It Ralph expands to encompass the entire internet. When...

Halloween: The Golden Final Girl

  The original Halloween was a landmark horror movie. It inspired other franchises of imitator masked killers, but Halloween itself has struggled to figure itself out. Halloween II was a direct sequel to the original, but Halloween III was a complete standalone. Halloween 4 brought Michael Myers back and started a new trilogy, and...

Ant Man and Wasp Interview

  Marvel followed up their biggest movie yet, Avengers: Infinity War, with one of their smallest, literally. Ant-Man and the Wasp features the return of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), who can shrink to the size of an ant, or even an atom, using Hank Pym (Michael Douglas)’s particle technology. This time, Hope Van Dyne...

Ocean’s 8 Interview

  It’s hard to assemble eight movie stars for a single movie, let alone for a press conference. So getting six of Ocean’s 8 together again was a big deal. We’re only missing Rihanna and Helena Bonham-Carter as cast members Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson and Awkwafina were joined...

Don’t Leave Home Interview

  Don’t Leave Home is the third film completed with DA Entertainment financing and the second to play at a major film festival. Its premiere at South by Southwest earned good reviews from The Hollywood Reporter (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/dont-leave-home-review-sxsw-2018-1093168) and other critics. Michael Tully wrote and directed. After a bad gallery showing, Melanie Thomas (Anna Margaret Hollyman)...