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Avengers: Infinity War Interview

13 Avengers, 1 Villain and 1 Director


When The Avengers premieres in 2012, it was a huge feat just to have four superheroes in the same movie. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk all had their own movies, but they teamed up to stop Loki. They had a little help from Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury too.

Avengers: Infinity War includes all the heroes from all the Marvel movies that have been made in the last 10 years! With all of them on stage in Los Angeles, there was only time for a question from each of them. Even directors Joe and Anthony Russo only got one question that Anthony answered for both of them. Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters this weekend.

Q: Robert, are you going to be in Avengers 4?

Robert Downey, Jr.: Yes, we already filmed it. But you never know. I’ve got to see the screening tomorrow. If I die tomorrow, I’m going to be confused. We’ll see.

Q: How did you fit everyone in this movie?

Anthony Russo: When we began developing this movie, we sat in a room, Kevin [Feige], Joe and I, Markus and McFeely, the writers. We had a picture of every single character who’s been in the MCU. We hung it up on the wall all around us. We basically spent months and months and months talking about where we could go with each character, how we could draw them through the story. Every one of these characters, everybody on stage has been on a very specific journey through the MCU to arrive at this moment. It was a very long, creative process that we went through thinking about where we could take the story, where we could take characters, how we could combine characters in interesting ways. It was about the most fun creative exercise I think I’ve ever been through in my life. Us sitting in a room for months and months telling each other stories about these characters, 99% of which didn’t make their way into the movie. That was our process. We thought about everybody in the MCU, we thought about how they could play a role in the story moving forward.

Q: Letitia Wright, How do you see your role as a powerful and fun woman on screen in math and science inspiring kids and teens to pursue those fields?

Letitia Wright: It’s something that’s super new to me, to play this character and to have a character who’s interested in all of these amazing subject matters. I wish I had a Shuri on TV or in the movies that I could see when I was growing up. I would’ve stayed in my math classes a little bit longer, but I’m really happy that the film and this character, Shuri has allowed young kids to feel learning is cool. That they can contribute to the world with science and math and technology and engineering, also young women as well getting pulled into that whole movement. It’s not just a thing for the guys. It’s also for the young women, older women, anyone to just get into and contribute positively. To have that, I’m super grateful and I hope it continues. It’s positive and it’s a good thing.

Q: Chris, what scene was most challenging to film in Infinity War?

Chris Hemsworth: The first day, what you saw in the trailers, Thor meeting the Guardians. It felt like the first day at school for me. They all knew each other and I was the new kid. They’d all been shooting and I hadn’t. It was a weird sort of nervous butterflies flutter in my body. Chris Pratt gave me a big hug. That was a fun scene. It was great to throw down a whole new dynamic. This whole film, meeting all these people, the characters I watched on screen, to be on screen with them as Thor but as Chris also was pretty damn exciting.

Q: How does Thanos push Gamorra forward?

Zoe Saldana: I was saying that besides these kinds of movies carrying so much action, entertainment and visual effects that really cater to all of our senses, we wouldn’t be what we are in the Marvel universe if it wasn’t for those emotional beats that all of these interrelationships carry. That thread involves the relation between parent and child. I will speak on behalf of also Karen Gillan’s character Nebula. We have so much fun with the relationship that these daughters have with their father because they finally get an opportunity to address what it was like to have a dad that’s so complicated. So it was fantastic. It was great.

Q: Do you find it difficult to develop your character when you’re fighting for screen time?

Anthony Mackie: A wise man once said that some men need an hour to make their presence known. Some only need 30 seconds.

Q: Mantis just joined the Guardians. How does she grow in Avengers?

Pom Klementieff: Maybe a little bit but she still stays kind of childlike way of thinking. She asks a lot of questions. I think it brings some comedy. Sometimes these movies need some fun. It can be fun too but it needs a little bit of innocence. I think she’s going to evolve even more in the next film but in this one she’s still kind of the same.

Q: No one wants to kill Thanos more than Drax. What is it like to work with Josh as Thanos?

Dave Bautista: Let me kill time while I try and think of a way to answer this without giving anything away. I can’t answer it obviously. I haven’t seen the movie, don’t know anything about the movie, don’t know anything about storyline, haven’t read a script. I’ve read one of the fake scripts.

Q: From the trailer, Thanos looks impressed by a few Avengers. Who is Thanos most impressed with?

Josh Brolin: I looked in the trailer like I was impressed by other people? Then obviously I didn’t do my job. Being a person of the color purple and being naked on the set the whole time I was doing this in order to create a vibe of fear, I really thought I scared everybody but apparently not. Was there somebody I was impressed by? Oh, Anthony Mackie. Strangely enough, it only took 25 seconds for me. Everybody has their weakness, and Anthony Mackie is Thanos’s weakness.

Q: Paul, can you share an anecdote from any of the movies?

Paul Bettany: Well, snitches end up in ditches. All the best anecdotes are just unsayable. But, we’ve been making these movies for a long time. It’s a really unique experience, to keep working with the same people again and again and again. We’ve all gone through real life stuff here. People have had children, people got married, people got divorced. A lot of real life stuff has happened and we’ve all become real friends. I’ve never been on a set where people choose not to go back to their trailers, but hang out on set and make fun of each other. It’s been a real privilege so thank you, guys.

Q: Tom, who is your favorite Marvel character and why?

Tom Hiddleston: That’s a really good question. I’m not going to say. I am astonished that I’m still here. As you may be. Loki has fallen through a wormhole and faked his own death. I honestly never expected to be playing this part for so long. I think many people can say that. The great privilege that I had is working with every single person on the stage. They’re all great and every time it’s like a different dance. Kevin [Feige] and everybody who works at Marvel and all the writers, the writing’s been so great. They create these characters with such precision. What happens in the space between those characters is always unique.

Q: Winston, how will you explain to people if Wakanda gets destroyed?

Winston Duke: As you know, I can’t say anything. So great question. Thanks for asking that one. I didn’t read the script. I did not see anything. But yeah, it’s going to be a fun adventure. You’re going to enjoy it, that’s all I can tell you.

Q: What could Scarlett Witch bring to the table if she had her own movie?

Elizabeth Olsen: Paul and I joke a lot about how we would love to do a House of M spinoff, a domesticated indie version of it. I think that would be a lot of fun. That part of her story is the reason why I love this character so much. I’m just happy that I’m still included so please just bring me back.

Q: Danai, have the women pitched an all female Marvel movie?

Danai Gurira: I thought I was going to be asked that question. I did. I know nothing about it. I’ve heard said rumors also. I know no details on that. I was just thinking how excited I am about Brie Larson shooting Captain Marvel right now. That’s going to be an awesome adventure. The awesome thing that I think is happening and we see happening across the conventions in our industry is seeing women take the helm in various realms.

Q: Is Bucky accepted by The Avengers now?

Sebastian Stan: As far as accepted, I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as saying that. He’s just kind of seeing where his allies are. He’s been enjoying the coconut water in Wakanda.

Photos by Courtesy of Marvel Studios

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